Some PPC mistakes that can cost you money

Some PPC mistakes that can cost you money

Along with generating a search engine optimized (SEO) website and online profile that is capable to get high ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to attract online traffic through Google AdWords, Yahoo Search marketing and similarly many others. Where high SERP ranking facilitates in getting organic (unpaid) traffic, PPC costs money to the advertiser. The basic concept behind PPC is that the ad will become visible to the online searcher against specific keywords and if the user clicks the ad, the advertiser will have to pay the advertising (search engine) agency. If not managed and executed properly, PPC can become a huge cash drainage without attracting any potential customer / traffic. SEO techniques can help understand the PPC concept and the methods to generate maximum benefit thru them.

Redirection of the PPC Ads

Only those users essentially click on PPC ads that are really looking for the searched keyword and in most of the cases they are potential customers. Suppose the PPC that you have designed leads a very targeted and willing customer to your websites homepage or organizations contact page instead of leading that user to the advertised items product page, will force the user to surf your website and try to find out the product. It would be far easier for the user to abandon this unnecessary work and re-search the item leaving you with a failed sale. Therefore, cautious and targeted redirecting of PPC is extremely essential to convert a causal online visitor into a paying customer. SEO helps create the perfect landing pages for PPC so that users do not get frustrated and are delivered exactly what the ad show cased. It’s the right business practice which will also generate positive feedbacks.


Effective testing of PPC Campaign

Before embarking on any task, it is generally advisable to test and evaluate it first. Same holds true for PPC ads. It is important to test the effectiveness of your PPC ads so that you can beforehand know about the expected reaction it is likely to encounter and therefore can redefine or remodel your ad. SEO enables testing of PPC ads, thru ‘split-test’ methods, by creating multiple versions of the same ads and by having it randomly shown in the search engine. This method can also ascertain which keywords are better at connecting with your targeted audience.


Keywords selection

The right keywords (positive or negative) targeted towards the right audience helps in getting the right online traffic that has the potential of becoming a buyer. Broad based searches will show up your PPC ad to even partial match of your keyword selection thereby giving you an unnecessary traffic that is only going to cost you money.

It is not always important to be number-1 in the search engine results page and this is especially true in case of Pay Per Click ads. Being No-1 can cause you huge amounts of revenue without getting converted into any returns. Therefore, the focus of PPC should always be in attracting the absolutely right kind of customers instead of just any customers. SEO evaluates the effectiveness of PPC ads and converts them to be more beneficial for the advertiser by continuously testing them for effectiveness, by generating the right landing pages and by appropriately wording them with precise keywords.