Things you do not know about SEO

Things you do not know about SEO

Search Engine ranking’s decide whether the website gets visible to an online user instantly or not. Higher Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings mean that a website will come in the first (or initial coupe of pages). Getting highlighted visibility will result in greater online traffic which, if properly channeled, will manifest itself as greater revenue. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps website develop better search engine ranking by making them indexed better in their databases. Undermentioned follows some of the benefits of SEO that will help you better evaluate the importance of employing SEO for your online profile.


Viral Content Material: Essential or Not?

Although latest and most relevant material will definitely help a website catch the attention of search engine crawlers and will surely lead to higher rankings but it might not be enough. The validity or the viralness of any content changes rapidly and therefore one cannot only rely on the information correctness to get high search engine ranks. SEO techniques of keyword placement and linking of qualitative websites (both internal and external) along with latest content is essentially required.


Website structure and positioning.

Disjointed website that does not provide complete information that a user is looking for will not attract any online repeat traffic, if at all any. Website structuring with proper interlinks (possibly following the pyramid shape) will be more user friendly and informative and will result in better testimonials by its users leading to high PageRank score by the Search Engine’s crawlers leading to higher SERP rankings. SEO methods enable correlating everything on your webpage with the main focal point with easily understandable access for its users as well as Search Engine crawlers. Mobile compatibility feature is another great way to quickly access a large audience as bulk of the online traffic, in recent years, is shifting from desktop based searches to mobile based search.


Reproduced Content / Material.

Despite commonality and abundance of information available online, original content still matters the most in grading of the website. Previously the thing that mattered the most was keyword positioning (even excessive and unrelated) and regularly updated content (even if it was junk or spinned text), but not anymore. With the recent updates in algorithms by Google (and other search engine) even copied, spinned, unrelated and junk content is identifiable by the crawlers and spiders and lowers the webpage’s SERP ranking even leading to getting the page blacklisted. Blacklisted and banned pages suffer highly as they remain invisible to majority of the online users and generate almost no online traffic.


Backlinking: Quality or Quantity?

Links, both internal and external, play a pivotal role in getting search engine rankings. More the links, higher will be the ranking. However, it is not that simple anymore. The quality of pages that you are linking with your website plays a crucial role. SEO techniques identify the quality of the links before establishing them therefore leading to a higher search engine rank even if the quantity of links is fewer. Quality now matters far more than quantity.

Although search engines like Google, Baido, Bing and Yahoo regularly update their algorithms and searching criteria’s, SEO experts keep themselves well conversant with the WebMaster Guidelines to accurately optimize your website and to achieve higher website rankings.