Tips to improve your rankings with Video SEO

Tips to improve your rankings with Video SEO

Video marketing has become a standard and regular online marketing procedure. Except for several users, nearly all companies use YouTube to communicate and market to their customers.  That is why it is necessary to make the video engaging and straightforward in the sight of the audience because it could have a higher influence on the brand promoting.

Due to the rate of videos on the internet, it is difficult for some videos to be seen on the video search result page. Now the question is how you can improve your video ranking and optimizes your YouTube rankings?

YouTube plays a very important role regarding video releasing and video marketing due to the fact that it belongs to Google, and that is the reason why there is a notable amount of videos on the search engine results page (SERP).  The following are tips in which you can use to improve your video SEO rankings:

Keyword research or Analysis:  The first to do is to research for an engaging keyword because Google read words to recognize what content is regarding, thus using exact search query phrases to explain your content can go a long way in inducing your content being ranked on the first page.  Research your keywords, pick just one keyword and ensure to insert the keywords in the video title, description and file name

Quality and engaging content:  The next step to take after getting the right keyword to use quality and engaging content, for example, making the audio clear and audible, the visual and clear. It is this that will make them last longer watching the video and it will make them want to search for any video you make.

Embedding YouTube videos on your website: After you have produced an awesome and amazing video and have uploaded it on YouTube the next thing to do to make your video rank well on Google is to embed your video on your website. Embed your video also on the content landing page and ensure to feed google with a lot of contexts that will help improve your SERP rank. And doing this will also improve your YouTube SERP   ranking because the video views on your landing page will reflect the total number of views the video has on YouTube video view-count.

Hosting your video channel on YouTube: Never forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine and there are a lot of spaces to easily host videos on it. So if you want your video content to rank well in all search engines then the best thing to do is to host your video channel on YouTube.

In summary, following the above methods will help improve your SEO rankings and never forget that video marketing is a vast industry that might simply merit a number of thousand words. For sure, the quantity of views is important, however, I want you to remember the fact that YouTube takes the video age into consideration.  It would be advised to have as many views as your competitors if your video is uploaded more recently. And never forget that the number of channel views and subscribers are crucial to search results.