Why do Businesses need SEO?

Why do Businesses need SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices can help webpages generate greater and sustained traffic by achieving higher rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). SEO practices also help in preparing qualitative content for a website therefore ensuring sustained and organic i.e. unpaid rankings naturally and even contributing towards repeat visits and snowball marketing i.e. word-of-mouth advertisements. Primary focus of online or digital marketing these days is to attract a larger audience in shorter time with highly precise, relevant and concise information. Search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. all have developed algorithms to crawl the internet and to index / archive all available information so as to present it against some keyword search by a user. Identifying these patterns, understanding the logic behind these algorithms, visualizing customers’ needs and requirements and developing your online signature in-line with all this; are the main functions of SEO.


So, why do YOU need SEO?

A business or organizational website may have great, original, authentic and relevant content on its webpage with an interactive environment and infographic layout along with a considerable social media presence but it still might not be enough to target all the envisioned potential online market. System tweaking to best suit the search engine criteria’s (WebMaster Guidelines) is essentially required to stand out from today’s contemporary competition. SEO employs multiple techniques that not only enable you to generate better web presence but also helps you achieve higher rankings in the search engine involving strategic word placement, HTML script restructuring, content analysis and generation of quality links.


SEO and Online Marketing

Online marketing is 24/7, you are always visible; so somewhere someone is always potentially visiting, assessing, following your online signature. SEO can ensure that your business always gets the recognition it deserves by promoting it at the right time and in the right place against the right keywords. Coupled with other digital marketing strategies, SEO impacts the consumer base by providing them a holistic and relatable vision of your business and by attracting them specifically to your webpage instead of your competition. SEO should not be considered as just a tool to improve your business, it should be catered for as an integral constituent of the project plan so as to generate the right online rhythm even from startup stage’s. It’s never too early for an SEO initiative. The more early it is employed the greater will it able to assist a business in generating higher SERP rankings along with credibility and brand benchmarking.


Start “SEOing” now

Employing SEO to uplift your online presence is an investment with huge ROI and that can, if done right, potentially increase your online traffic and consequently consumer base and profits in multitudes. SEO is not just a marketing strategy it’s an interactive communication with your clients thus enabling you to better gauge your services through their feedbacks and testimonials. SEO is not just for the targeted or potential customers, it’s for the business itself too as it helps redefine business plans and strategies to better target the market (i.e. a virtuous marketing loop).