What is Inbound Marketing?

what is inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing refers to all the methods in which the clients come to business them self and inquire about their products and services rather than the brand or business approaching the customers outbound them self without any interest in their product or service.

The Methodology behind Inbound Marketing:

Main Difference between inbound & outbound marketing is that in the inbound marketing customer has an intent of buying as he has searched your product or service online himself so he is 80% more likely to buy your product or service or is at least a prospective client as he is searching himself & the outbound marketing is almost the opposite of this methodology as customer has not searched your product or service and you are bombarding him with ads and you are not even sure that does he need your product or service right now or not.

Intent is the King in Inbound Marketing:

A lot of brands or businesses don’t realize the power of intent and that’s why they waste millions of dollars in outbound marketing and get almost 0% ROI and then they try to justify it with different logics.

Getting to the point now; Suppose if you know that 100,000 people are looking for your specific product or service and if your market to those people by using inbound marketing channels wouldn’t it be wise to instead advertise on TV outbound and hope to prospect & convert.

Lets get one thing straight; in digital marketing there is nothing like hope or by chance everything is backed up by data unlike the offline world or outbound marketing you get the track of every single penny you spend!

Channels used for Inbound Marketing:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing
  • VMM – Video Media Marketing
  • ASO – App Store Optimization
  • DMM – Digital Media Marketing