One Stop Digital Marketing Solution!

1- SEOnumber1 makes sure that the logins, credentials, website, cpanel and other important data of client is safe and secure while dealing with us.

2- Our employees & agencies or partners also make sure that the information of client remain confidential but incase our partners or agencies make any breach of policy they will be directly held responsible for it.

3- This policy is valid maximum for upto 24 hours after client has decided to leave after work is done or his contract is finished. After this time period the contract is not valid nor the NDA. All the data on client website or credentials are clients responsibility and liability after we have done the work and delivered it to client, any claims or legal notices will not be valid after the working agreement is over the last date of working will be considered as end of contract.

4- SEOnumber1 does not disclose your data to third parties or other clients all clients data is unique for each client and we take special care for each clients data protection.

5- In addition to data we also keep full confidentiality of our clients and their agreements with us we do not sell or misuse any information pertaining to our clients.

6- If client has not paid his one time, monthly or yearly subscription pertaining to SEO, content writing, digital marketing, web development, web hosting, domain anything then we do not guarantee him and any data loss or work not done due to non payment will be clients responsibility & liability and any claims made for it due to non payment will not be valid.