The best way to *Tackle your On-Line Haters

The best way to *Tackle your On-Line Haters

The internet is a magnificent place allowing everyone the freedom to share their views about almost any topic imaginable. It helps link people with wildly diverse backgrounds and relates them all to each other thru common topics. However, like in all fields of life, it is not necessary that everyone shares your point of view regarding some topic and can (and at times will) vehemently contradict you. What to do? Start bashing them back? (Well yes! If need be) or just abandon the world wide web altogether. Well both these solutions are not ideal; so let’s take a look into what can be essentially done in these situations!


Don’t take it to the heart  

Even with a casual glance of the social media, you’ll come to know that you are not alone or the first person or even the last person to receive negativity from an unknown online user. So, neither panic nor take it personally. Keep your head high. They have as much right of not agreeing with you as you have with them. So just ignore and move on.


Haters vs Critics

Be prudent enough to recognize the difference between critics and haters. Constructive criticism can help you build yourself positively, can teach you things and may even increase your knowledge. Thank your critics because they help you make a better person (in most of the cases). Even plain and simple haters may teach you a thing or two about what is going on in the world. Try to convert everything into a positive learning opportunity.


Avoid the Hate

If you are not up for it; just ignore the remarks and comments section. Just ignore it completely and move on. You do not ‘Have’ to go through all what online people think about you. You have the right to disagree with them too and one of the simplest method is to ignore the things that have the potential to burden you. Just let others get the impression that what they think hardly matters to you. You be the judge of yourself!


Respond, but think it through     

Intelligently think about the situation before you decide to respond. Is it worth it? Will the situation improve? Do you want to clarify something and is it necessary for you? Will your response trigger an even negative chain of comments? Think about your response, and foremost your audience, before you plan to respond.


Just block them

Almost all the online forums give the feature of blocking of any online user. Exercise this freedom and live your online life trouble free. If they are worse, report them to the concerned online authorities and then block them thereby saving not only yourself but others too. Become the good guy!

In summary, world wide web gives everyone the anonymity that it gives you. Don’t burden yourself with the hate. Don’t stop your work. Don’t change unnecessarily. Utilize the hate and convert into a lesson. Use it improve yourself. Every positive / negative comment can have the potential to help you become better. Do that and enjoy your online life.