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  • seo just isn’t every one’s cup of tea and SEOnumber1 has proved it.  SEOnumber1 are very determined and knows methods to deal with their shoppers and their desires. they’re very creative in each method.

    Mr. Alvin Harper
    CEO-The Kings
    Mr. Alvin Harper-CEO-The Kings
    Mr. Alvin Harper-CEO-The Kings
  • i found SEOnumber1 very sure and efficient. I in reality appreciate their capacity of listening and working out our desires and quickly act upon them. The SEOnumber1 group are very imaginitive, coming near up with progressive concepts and projects which have had a perfect impact on our organic rankings. they are trustworthy and straight to the point, which allows us to concentrate on what truly works.

    leave out.Barbara
    proprietor Of Thai delicacies.
    pass over.Barbara-owner-Thai delicacies
    pass over.Barbara-owner-Thai delicacies
  • It was an ideal expertise working with SEOnumber1 for my web page for its search engine marketing. They showed that they are highest in seo in Lahore and i found SEOnumber1 on Google’s First page, on my web page inquiry they ask full small print and put together a purposeful record relating to my website online performance. That used to be a remarkable functional file. i additionally contacted another firms. however they didn’t provide any practical report. because of this i SEOnumber1 for my all future web page or search engine marketing associated needs. Thanks for your whole timely toughen.

    Mr. Raheel Butt
    proprietor-chinese cuisine
    Mr. Raheel Butt-owner-chinese delicacies
    Mr. Raheel Butt-owner-chinese delicacies
  • SEOnumber1 has overdone our expectations. it’s a pleasure working with this type of unswerving and lively staff that actually cares about our trade results. they are familiar with what as of late’s real search engine marketing is and they are a perfect associate to have. Bringing SEOnumber1 on board used to be a perfect resolution for us.

    Mr.Acton Baines-CEO
    Mr.Acton Baines-CEO

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What is SEO?

The three letter word SEO is a very broad term meaning Search Engine Optimization, SEO is normally described as all the tasks which are required to push a sites ranking to search engines first page or all the tasks performed by the webmasters to increase the website visibility in search engines and attract more visitors to site.

SEO is a requirement of the modern age!

There are Billions of searches on the internet each day and people are searching for Information, Products and Services online and if you are not ranking online then you will miss this huge traffic and means to grow your Business – SEO is Must for all Online Entrepreneurs in Modern Era.

Advantages Of SEO.

The main advantage of SEO is that the traffic coming via SEO is very targeted and has a very high conversion ratio as compared to other methods of online advertisement like PPC – Pay Per Click, SMO – Social Media Optimization & Other forms of online advertisement.

SEO is almost a must for any online business that has a website or has online presence it can increase lead generation and sales.

ROI & Conversion Rate in SEO.

The ROI and conversion rate in SEO is very high as compare to other online and offline methods as people have a general trust factor on organic listings rater than other forms of advertisement on search engines.

Disadvantages of Not doing SEO for Business.

Business online presence is one of the basic requirements of business these days as clients are searching for products online by every second and if your business is not present online or does not have good reputation online then clients will not bother work with you and will switch to others.

Types Of SEO

On Page SEO

To be simple “On Page SEO refers to all the SEO tasks that are required to be performed on the website” like the content, responsiveness of the website, design and layout etc.

Off Page SEO

The off-page SEO means all the tasks which the webmasters have to perform outside the website on other websites, these include link building, social media, local SEO, Local Listings and much more there is a list of almost 200 to 300 tasks that can be performed in off-page SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO refers to google maps SEO optimization these days on certain keywords google maps local listings appear on top of organic results.


The term backlinking refers to the point that how many quality & relevant sites are linking to your website.

White Hat SEO

A White Hat SEO refers to all the techniques used for optimizing your site “as per the guidelines of google webmaster” and not doing any spam activities in order to rank a website.

Black Hat SEO

A Black Hat SEO refers to all the techniques used for optimizing your site “which do not comply with guidelines of google webmaster” and doing spam activities in order to rank a website.

Why SEO is So important.

The results acquired by SEO are very Long lasting results and they stay for a long period of time even if no work is done for a sometime on the web, while in PPC and other forms of online advertisement the moment you stop your adds or your budget is exhausted then the campaign is over and people stop seeing your adds immediately and someone else replaces you.

Common Misconceptions Regarding SEO

Hiring Wrong or Cheap SEO Company or A Cheap SEO Freelancer

A lot of people who escape from the first trap fall into this trap, to be a successful SEO freelancer or Company one has get at least 3 to 5 years’ experience and working on almost 100 projects and in different field to be an SEO Expert Or A SEO Company. So always look for the portfolio and ask for the local and international projects that they have handled and if they could show your some ranked keywords for your record and satisfactions that’s a good deal.

I don’t need SEO Expert I rather do it my Self

This seems to be a common problem with new business starters and people with less budget and non IT background that because of a lot of information and misinformation on the internet people fall in these two traps and then at the end get their website penalized by Google.

Why Most People Fail in SEO?

As today in modern era there are many people and websites over the internet that claim to teach you SEO, also you can learn it free of cost as they claim and in Google era its not so difficult to get information but you need to understand 2 things that:

  • Only getting information about one thing doesn’t mean that you are an expert in it.
  • You have to understand the fact that you cant become expert in all fields if you really are an expert, to be an expert you have to keep your focus in one direction.

The So Called Guaranteed SEO Package!

There is so much of wrong information regarding SEO on the internet and people making false claims and guarantees to rank you first in Google, firstly you need to understand this that Google itself doesn’t guarantee any rankings itself, I have personally called and talked with Google representatives thewy never give any guarantee themselves they just give you guidelines to help your rank but nothing is guaranteed here.

Now that you have understood that, Inspite of the fact that there are no guarantees in SEO if you follow the SEO guidelines and best practices and hire a Professional SEO Company or an SEO Expert you will get good results.

Timeline for SEO Results

SEO is a process and it takes time like people before you who are on top of rankings right now they didn’t come on top overnight they have been working behind the scenes for a long time to get juicy results and also you need to consider what budget you are spending on SEO, how big is their SEO team and their overall online marketing Budget and Strategy. You need to work smart to beat them all.