What is (ORM) Online Reputation Management?

What is (ORM) Online Reputation Management

The 3 Letter word (ORM) simply means Online Reputation Management, these days companies customers are the single most valuable asset for the long term growth of the company & the game is not finished there your customers are talking about you, giving reviews online, on forums, on app stores, on review websites, products, portals, social media and they are doing this via talking to their friends, family, colleagues, by typing on the internet, by voice, by expressing their sentiments online, by giving rating and much much more.

So, you as a business are building a reputation in the online world globally which is publicly a available to anyone who searches about you brand & specially any new customer who wants to buy any product or service would like to check your reviews and rating on the internet that how many positive reviews you have online.

So in simple words the Management of company reviews, rating, sentiments & reputation in the online world is known as ORM – Online Reputation Management.