I already have a Website or FB page but do I need to update my Website & Content?

Website & Content

Search Engines use web crawlers and spiders to deeply scan all contents of a website including interconnected pages, keywords, content, links and all other associated web-architectural information. This information is stored in the search engine database against specific keywords and based on the overall PageRank score it is displayed in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Routinely updated a website and / or Social Media profile, forces the web crawlers to re-visit your webpage and to re-evaluate all the data, assign new PageRank scores and store it in their database. With routinely updating all the content, you can ensure that the search engine has all the latest content of your website in its database.


Expert SEO professionals lay special focus on periodically updating relevant content of the website and ensuring that all the information within your webpage and social media is adequately linked up. Linking ensure qualitative and updated backlinks. Both of these factors then contribute to higher search engine rankings.