Is SEO a worthy investment for my business and are other businesses & my competitors doing it?


Yes! Your competitors and all other businesses are engaged in digital marketing and SEO, as they want to reach majority of the potential customers faster and most importantly before you because almost everyone nowadays uses internet to research for everything and from a marketing point of view, this is an important fact. SEO enables high Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings therefore enabling your business to get more attention from potential clients. A survey by ‘INFRONT’ concluded that almost 92% online traffic does not move past page-1 and only 1.5 % bother going past page-2. Even within the first page of SERP, online traffic of almost 55% is limited to the first three search results which means that most of the users do not even visit the fourth ranking search result.


These statistics clearly indicate that to generate better online traffic and to get higher Return on Investment (ROI) by getting a higher visitor-to-client ratio, it is extremely important to achieve higher ranks in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Not only getting higher ranks in important, maintaining and sustaining high rank positions is also equally important and SEO experts can help a business in this.