Ability to Measure ROI, Number of Visitors, Number of views etc. Effectively with Digital Marketing

Measure ROI

Digital marketing enables you full control over your marketing campaigns in contrast to traditional marketing where one cannot fully gauge the effectiveness of the marketing efforts. Online profiles and webpages can be setup to record the number of visitors your webpage/social media profile is receiving, number of clicks PPC (par per click) ad is receiving, number of successful conversions form visitors to customers have occurred via your landing pages, number of views, comments, likes etc. your blog, pictures, video, infographics have received etc.


These metrics help a business in evaluating their marketing efforts and effective return of investments (ROI) so that they know where they might be lagging and where improvements are necessary. These metrics further enhance the benefits of Digital Marketing over conventional marketing and SEO experts / web developers can assist organizations in redesigning of their business in such a way that the benefits of marketing become quantifiable for them and can actually improve their business practices?