What is white Hat SEO?

What is white Hat SEO

‘White Hat’ is an ethical SEO technique aimed at attracting organic (i.e. unpaid) human online traffic instead of focusing solely on search engine optimizations. The techniques and methods employed during white hatting not only focuses on generating a considerable quantity of backlinks to the webpage but also emphasizes upon the quality of links and the relevancy, authenticity as well as originality of the actual content of the webpage. White hat SEO techniques, although require much effort, they result in long term benefits for the organization because of repeat online traffic, consistently high search engine rankings and quality of links established over time.


How to implement White Hat SEO?

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) provides bulk of the online traffic for any webpage. Other marketing campaigns even including social media publicity, though gaining popularity, are considerably low online traffic generation sources therefore, complying with search engine’s policies, White Hat SEO techniques aim to achieve a high rank in SERP whilst not compromising on the intellectual integrity. Using high priority keywords along with quality content and having search engine indexing compatible HTML script are some of the White Hat SEO methods along with qualitative backlinking and generating mobile compatible webpage transitions. Automation algorithms can also be designed to monitor the usage and frequency of keywords and phrases being used relevant to webpage’s content and which, later on, can be reviewed and added in one’s own page at appropriate locations. This would lead towards inclusion of relevant as well as prevalent, in-context and updated keywords in the site’s meta data.


Why should I go White Hat?

Not complying with a search engine’s guidelines can have drastic effects for a website including being ranked considerably low and/or eventually getting blacklisted or banned that can and will result in huge drop of online traffic. White Hat methods ensure quality of content and webpage structuring with adequate and relevant keywords before presenting the site to search engine crawlers and spiders. White hat SEO can identify the right content for the right online searcher / user and can lead a page towards them. This ensures that not only the ranking of a page gets improved but the achieved high ranking also gets retained over time.

In the end, it all boils down to one thing; implementing methods to increase online traffic influx for the webpage and although White Hat SEO provides an ethical, long lasting and precise advantage in terms of SERP rankings, it might be prudent to consider a combination of White and Black Hat methods. A considerate balance between the two, being termed as ‘Grey Hat SEO’, can be the cutting edge out of the box difference making a webpage stand out from its competition.