How to Rank Number 1 in Google?

How to Rank Number 1 in Google

Google, being the most widely used search engine, can immensely benefit your business if you can achieve and sustain higher Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings and can make your business progress far ahead of your competition. Although many methods are available that can catapult your rankings however many people still struggle to achieve sustained recognition in Google searches so therefore for a low risk long term endeavor it is best to follow the Google WebMaster Guidelines and to avoid black and even grey hat SEO practices. Before going down this path it is however vitally important to understand that how and why the google ranking system works. Google develops algorithms, filters (like penguin, panda etc.), crawlers and spiders for the sole purpose of presenting authentic, relevant as well as qualitative search results to its users. Understanding and aligning your practices with this in mind can help you achieve consistently high rankings in SERP.


So how can we rank on the 1st page of any search engine?

Getting high search index ranking depends on a lot of variables ranging from prevalent keywords, your direct competition, to economic and market situation but essentially the best and long-term method to get higher ranks is having unique, original and relatable content coupled with cautious yet strategic keyword placement, domain quality, quantity of backlinking and White Hat SEO utilization. Google, and for that matter all other search engines, regularly update their SERP criteria’s and algorithms therefore benchmarked and ‘organic user attraction’ practices are important then resorting to short term strategies of Black/Grey Hat SEO. As a start getting registered with Google Search Console and Google My Business is the first step to get into SERPs and then tweaking your webpage to generate rankings based on your optimized keyword selection and placement along with short, precise and to-the-point URL selection, effective and regular updating of informative and useful content, unique brand name, area of operation, nature of your business / products thru effective SEO practices leading to higher ‘Google PageRank’, can help achieve the No-1 spot.


Why is it important to rank well in search engines?

Higher ranking means higher visibility leading to more online traffic which can convert into profits. Particularly if the webpage development followed some qualitative methods and has developed an attractive user-friendly experience, your webpage will receive a greater share of visitors then your competitors. As a matter of fact, organic (unpaid) credibility is far more attractive to online users and they are more inclined to visit your profile compared to a paid ad making all the more reason to be ranked at the top most position in SERPs.

At the end, it all boils down to the authenticity, relevance and reputation that your online presence can achieve and most importantly sustain. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques coupled with Content Management, that are targeted towards human audience instead of solely getting rankings, is the most useful and widely practiced method to achieve high rankings (even No-1) in the SERPs and for generating greater visibility in other google platforms.