Website SEO Optimization Mistakes Which Are Costing You Cash

Website SEO Optimization Mistakes Which Are Costing You Cash

The sole purpose of online and / or digital marketing is to reach maximum number of potential clients in as less of a time as possible with as much as possible concise and targeted information with the aim of converting majority of the online traffic into paying customers. Particularly websites, including social media presence of Facebook, Twitter etc., play a pivotal role in providing initial information to potential clients as nowadays nearly everyone researches about their buy before actually purchasing anything. Therefore, if your website can’t get enough of a high rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) it is likely that it will not be visited and you’ll end up with lower and lower online traffic which would directly impact finances. Over here we’ll look at few of the common mistakes and how Search Engine Optimization can help in avoiding them.


Keyword Stuffing and / or Unessential Key Phrase

Keyword utilization has always remained the number one approach to get higher search engine rankings. The same is true even today however search engines like Google (and others as well) have developed sophisticated algorithms (panda and penguin updates in case of Google) that can ascertain keyword quality as well. Unnecessary keyword placement, text spinning and junk information just to increase content or just created for the benefit of the search engine instead of a human, can cause abrupt decrease in PageRank score and even webpages get penalized by the search engine. SEO experts can help in strategically choosing and placing the keywords so that search engine crawlers can properly index a webpage.


Hyperlink scheme traps

Internal and external links (backlinks) help the Search Engine crawler’s in better navigation of your website and based on the quality of the internal / external links, they generate PageRank score as well. On one hand where the right kind of external links (linked with genuinely informative and relatable pages) can drastically improve the SERP rankings, bogus links can do the exact opposite. Google and Bing’s ‘WebMaster Guidelines’ clearly state that unnecessary link proliferation constitutes infringement of the rules and can result in website getting blocked. SEO experts, thru white hat practices, can assist in re-structuring of the webpage to better establish the internal navigation and can also establish external links to the right websites that will help the Search Engine’s crawlers to accurately evaluate your website and resultantly lead to a better SERP rank.

Low Quality Content / Material

To generate a long-term business oriented website, it is always advisable to have genuine, authentic, original and informative content on the website that is being regularly updated. Regular updates to a website force’s the search engine to re-crawl, resulting in better indexing and consequently higher search engine rankings. Unnecessary content that is either due to text spinning, excessive keyword placement and/or un-informative data will reduce repeat online traffic, bad reviews and maybe even get the webpage blacklisted by the search engine. SEO critically examines the website content for relevance, originality and informative value and coupled with the right / strategic keyword placement and appropriate backlinking, a webpage can achieve higher search engine ranks.


The inability to take advantage of Analytics

Even the right websites that are fully search engine optimized may not be able to achieve high SERP rankings due to the inability of the web page owners to critically analyze their online traffic and adjust their business plan / vision accordingly. SEO experts set up website analytics tools that analyze a websites traffic and the behavior of the traffic to gauge how the website is performing, where improvements are required and which portions are performing better. These metrics help in real time to improve businesses.

Properly applied Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles can help propel a webpage leading to higher and higher search engine rankings that will result in greater online traffic. This all would mean communicating with a larger potential customer base. Therefore, the investment required for SEO and website tweaking gets far outweighed by its potential benefits.