The need to stay on the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is vitally important for all those businesses that wish to generate profits thru online traffic. Coupled with the fact that Google and other search engines are making rapid advancements and are constantly altering their algorithms and search facilities to better suit the needs of their customers; it becomes extremely important to professionally align your web presence thru expert Search Engine Optimizations.


Mentioned below are the top 10 SEO trends that are likely to be trending in 2018:-


  • Voice and Digital Marketing. These innovative techniques change the way a user can communicate and access all the required and necessary information. Digital assistants have changed the way for making search queries. 2018 will definitely witness leaps of advancement in voice search queries, as these techniques focus on facilitating the user to the maximum possible extent by connecting with everyday language / expressions and tone of the user. SEO techniques will gain popularity the market grows and adjusts to these techniques thus making your brand stand out in a unique way.


  • Link Building. High quality and appropriate quantity of backlinks that can be achieved thru white hat SEO practices can greatly help improve the PageRank and can help a website get higher index ranking in the search engines database.


  • User Experience. Although this trend is already gaining popularity but it is sure to rise to further prominence in 2018. A good user experience increases the number of visitors to the page making it easy for people to discover it and also helps promotion thru word-of-mouth publicity. Nowadays, people tend to gather all the necessary information through their phone so it is quite necessary to have a good experience for all the devices and for every time.


  • Mobile first Index. With over 1 billion smartphones in use all over the world, the Importance of mobile marketing and responsive websites would become further prominent for the field of SEO. Research has shown that people spend more time on their phone as compared to any other medium therefore catchy, relevant and informative content with Mobile optimization techniques is very important to make a successful business strategy.


  • Visual Searches. Internet searching is also being performed by options of “visual searching”. Visual searches are a perfect combination of technological innovation and user experience. Rich visuals make it easier to engage in the market helping to gain profit. SEO practices can help generate visually pleasing infographics that can expand your business in the market.


  • AI and Machine language. With the advancement of technology there will be further development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language that will facilitate the search experience by contextualized texts in addition to some other means. Development of AI will help expand the horizons for innovation and the way the online world behaves.


  • SERP Feature. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings are the primary tool used by search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing etc. to generate their search page results based on the user queries. Professional SEO techniques can help you achieve higher rankings in SERP.


  • Structured data. 2018 will also witness a rise in structured data which uses vocabulary in formatting HTML that also helps the search engines to interpret content and enhance the search list. Moreover it also helps connect with potential customers at a more personal level.


  • Survival of the fastest. With rapid advancements; it is for sure that only the fastest will be the one to survive the market. Optimal and professionally executed SEO aims to enhance the speed of transition of your website thru properly structuring the database and indexing protocols.


  • Relevance 2.0. Content is the king while context is the queen i.e. both these things go hand in hand to produce a great user experience and this new tool  will enable search engines to better index the websites based on their content quality this providing a better experience to its users.


Professionally executed SEO techniques right from the onset of business planning stages and establishment of web presence is vitally important to generate an organic online traffic for your website. The base line here being that “Now is the time”. Therefore plan your business accordingly and enter 2018 with the information technology advancements that your business requires and deserves.