The core of all online businesses is generation of larger and better online traffic so as to reach maximum number of customers in the minimum possible time and at the lowest possible cost to the organization. The main index being Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings and PageRank scores. And the two main techniques that are being widely used to help you boost your rankings are Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


“What is” and “How to” of Pay per Click.      The basic principle behind Pay per Click (PPC) is that the advertiser will pay to the advertising agency (i.e. the search engine) a small constant fee every time an ‘ad’ is clicked and a user gets redirected to the main organization / business / intended page. Therefore, in essence, it is a means to buy your website visitors by advertising against specific keywords. For this system to be effective a multitude of factors play a contributing role. The allowable space permitted by Google or some websites is generally very less and the algorithms that decide which ads will be displayed from their ‘ad bank’ depends entirely on your keyword selection, quality of content, amount of online traffic you have and the quality of the landing page etc.


“What is” and “How to” of Search Engine Optimization.      While social media and other forms of campaigning techniques do play a large part in online traffic generation; Great majority of the online users are directed to different websites by various search engines.  Search engine rankings play one of the most important roles in generating traffic to a webpage especially for online consultation and shopping websites and are considered by many as the make or break element in a business’s success. Search engines employ multiple algorithms and techniques to evaluate all the online content and are repeatedly updated to latest parameters, but they still have limitations. SEO experts aim towards attracting these search engine algorithms to favorably boost the websites ranking, therefore attracting multitudes of, yet targeted, online visitors leading to increased revenue generation, benchmarking of product and exponential client exposure.


What’s the difference?       The primary difference between SEO practices and PPC is that SEO enables long term online traffic generation thru organic means while PPC requires a recurring, yet minimal, investment on behalf of the advertising organization. So although SEO is a time consuming and effort full process as compared to the quick result generation process of PPC; both these systems aim to increase the online presence of any business by getting highlighted against searched keywords.


How to decide?     The deciding factor in which technique to adopt is mostly dependent on the organization itself that in which direction it wants to proceed. There are multiple questions that a business can ask itself like what amount of organizational finances are available for Digital marketing? How much time can the business wait before it needs to start capitalizing on its investments? Does it want a long term strategy or a sort term strategy? How are your competitors targeting these markets i.e. thru which approach and how successful are they? What are your rankings in the SERP?


Whatever the case may be, our professional and digital marketing experts can help you evaluate your business needs and can guide towards selecting the right online approach, from these two competitive and many other similar digital marketing strategies, that will give you fastest results in as little a time as possible.