What Is Social Media Marketing Or SMM?

Social media marketing (SMM) may be a style of net marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. The goal of SMM is to provide content that users can share with their social network to assist an organization increase complete exposure and broaden client reach. SMM is a variety of web promoting that implements numerous social media networks so as to realize promoting communication and stigmatization goals.

Is SMM Important For Business

The whole marketing landscape has modified with the introduction of Social Media. New avenues were opened for marketers that before failed to exist or were too sophisticated. Currently we’ve got a simple to use and powerful tool at our finger tips which will share a bit of content everywhere the globe in seconds.

Many people use Social Media for private reasons however currently if you’re not using it for business reasons you’re already behind. You’ll be shocked however using Social Media will reach different components of your selling strategy.

Social Media Marketing Pros and Cons

The Pros of SMM

  • Social media is effective and cheap

Social media promoting is incredibly vital very little businesses attributable to its price and talent to achieve sizable amount of targeted audiences among less time and extremely little efforts. In line with Forbes, ninety four of corporates square measure mistreatment social media and eighty fifth aforesaid that it has given their business a lot of exposure.

  • Branding may be done effectively on social media

Social media promoting is that the best tool for little businesses for disapproval. Per Social media today, 83 of consumers favor to connect with the complete on Facebook and 53 on Twitter. A study by Nielsen additionally rumored that forty sixth of on-line users forecast social media whereas creating purchase call and five hundredth of shoppers created purchases supported the recommendations on social media websites.

  • Customer acquisition is straightforward on social media

With quite 1/2 the world’s population registered with totally different social media platforms, the probabilities of getting customers area unit fairly high on social media websites. There are a unit just about 1.74 billion social media users in line with eMarketer and social media websites play an important role in getting customers to the companies.

  • Social media marketing will generate additional leads/sales

Social media marketing plays a very important role in generating leads and thus increasing sales to the companies. A survey by Social media nowadays unconcealed that seventy one of social media user’s area unit additional seemingly to buy merchandise from brands that they’re connected on social media websites.

The Cons Of SMM


Social media users have play to post no matter they need. This suggests that glad customers will leave glowing reviews on your pages, however it conjointly means sad ones will leave angry rants concerning your business. Some of this feedback may come back from among your own organization. Dissatisfied staff are acknowledged to vent on social media concerning work and their bosses that makes the whole company look unhealthy.


It’s simple to urge trapped in social media and post no matter what comes in mind, which might have vast consequences for any business. For firms with an out sized audience, mistakes like this don’t go ignored. Because of social media users’ fast reactions and tendency to share, the tweet was everywhere major media shops at intervals hours.