Beginning of a Digital Era & Changes in Business Marketing Channels


Digital era has foreshadowed a new age for everyone. Advertising is not only for the big companies with huge budgets; it’s for everyone. Customers research everything before they actually purchase and if you can reach to them before your competitors; you are in for a potential sale. Conventional marketing channels like print media, TV radio etc. are although still in use but their effectiveness and reach has considerably decreased.


Online and Digital Marketing starts with building an online presence thru creation of a website and social media profile, you can employ a variety of tools to maximize your outreach including SEO, inbound, affiliate, content and native marketing, email, and telephonic communication, Social media profile, starting online debates and discussion groups, commenting, blogging, sharing and tagging relevant information for your targeted users to view and establishment of a good, reliable and relatable review content


All businesses should be ready to harness the benefits of online and/or digital presence by being visible and accessible to as large a customer base as possible.