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What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing, internet marketing, online advertisement are all synonyms for using online tools, techniques and web-based services of getting a brand name publicly known by making it more and more accessible and easy to find on the internet. Nowadays, huge number of people browse the internet for their business needs, assistance or even just for leisure; online marketing considers these people as potential possibilities and tries to get its word out to them. Online marketing has proven to be a cheaper source of advertising with greater outreach then conventional means. Particularly in the last decade or so where even online use has shifted, from desktop to mobile, the importance of marketing on the go (i.e. online) has increased manifold.


Online Marketing; Start Now!

Online marketing is not just about placing pop-up ads or buying ads; the primary objective is to get brand information across to the customer as easily, concisely, quickly and coherently as possible. One of basic forms of online marketing involves establishment of a website and / or Social Media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter etc.) with great original content, strategically placed keywords / phrases and designed with optimum SEO. Website design is easy and cheap with options of adopting set website templates to creating a personalized, customized and a unique website. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can further boost webpages by involving in strategies of Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords etc.


Tools and Techniques.

Some other methods employed by organizations and entrepreneurs to increase their online presence involve Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Content Management System (CMS), Mobile marketing, marketing automation, video marketing, Blogging and online display ads. Email Marketing allows for a targeted approach where known or willing customers are updated with information and attracted thru insightful e-newsletters etc. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. all allow for placing of Ads in their search results based on searched keywords which also provide an excellent forum to attract targeted clientele. However, an important consideration in online marketing is to retain every visitor and to ensure maximum return rate. This is accomplished not by just approaching the customer but by making every website visit a worthwhile experience for its users by having a great online structure, useful and informative content, interactive options (social media sharing options etc.) and catering for the individual needs of clients (help desk etc.). Experts can help organizations in development of these services and then can further assist in gauging of customer response to various forms of online engagement to turn most of them into valuable paying customers.

Online marketing is not only about tapping the online user base; it is an absolute necessity in today’s contemporary competitive economy. You just can’t miss out on this opportunity. People expect an organization (even a startup) to have an accessible, interactive and informative online presence. Moreover, the ROI is great with little effort, guidance and investment. All the above-mentioned strategies, along with other online marketing techniques, complement each other and function together to increase manifold the online presence of an organization.