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Content Marketing is the Right Marketing!

Content marketing is a focused and targeted marketing strategy of creating and disseminating brand specific information that is relateable, relevant and concise for its intended audience. In today’s Digital Marketing age, Content analysis plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining organic online traffic, helps generate positive word-of-mouth and increases search engine results page ranking. Recent updates by Google and other search engines use crawlers and spiders to not only evaluate the positing of keywords but the authenticity and relevance of content as well. Therefore, original uncopied, relevant and informative content where helps in marketing of the brand/product; it also helps in getting high search engine rankings.


Why Content Marketing?

With the advancement of technology all around the world, traditional form of marketing is gradually losing its influencing prowess and is being replaced by digital marketing techniques; more precisely ‘content marketing’. The market strategy technique of creating and providing relevant, relatable and valuable information to customers to profitably attract them will not only help the business to grow but will help both the parties’ due to:-

  • Cost savings
  • Increased number of sales
  • Customer loyalty and repeatability gets ensured

The ‘why to’ of Content Marketing.      Some of the facts highlighting the importance of content marketing are:-

  • Customers are generally not fully aware of their needs until they get to know about the products and once they are aware they will be better able to understand what they want. A good content facilitates in this and instantly captures the customers.
  • Online facilities now almost always prompt users to research their products before actually investing in them. A solid SEO content will rank higher in search engine page rankings and thus will attract more online traffic.
  • Search engine algorithms thru their crawlers and online spiders’ constantly monitor the quality of content therefore it is vitally important to have a content that will make your business stand out from the rest in search engine rankings.
  • Good and relevant content facilitates targeted users in making a well informed decision and thus leads them to invest in your product.

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Content is the King and Context is the queen.

Content without context is irrelevant or rather meaningless. And similarly a good context without supportive, relevant and optimized content is worthless. Both things go side-by-side. Every business model is created with a relevant and well thought out context, market survey and user requirements. Digital marketing experts use this context and couple it with highly optimized, appropriate, and well thought out targeted content to have your business stand out from its competitors and to make it personalized, relatable and easier to comprehend for the users.


Content marketing applications.

Content marketing is utilized in development of Webpages and Mobile apps as they attract a huge customer base and increase revenue thru affiliated marketing techniques. Info graphics is yet another application to market your products as they can contain all the necessary information like pie-charts, statistics and other necessary information. Podcasts also help a lot in marketing as it is the most visible marketing technique to the world. Videos play a significant role thru content marketing by promoting and proof concepting your products thru social media etc.

Hence, content marketing your product with a proper context will only not only give you high search engine ranking but will build your repute, will lead to increased sales and will propel your business in comparison to your competitors.