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Having only a website won’t help you expand your business anymore. In the last decade or so, majority of the online world has shifted form being desktop based to mobile based. Mobile apps have thus become the most used tool to execute all routine as well business related actions. Now with over 1 billion smartphones and over 200 million mobile apps; your business needs one too.

The world is becoming more and more personal i.e. hand-held device centered and just having a desktop based website won’t be holistic. It is essential to have an application that is mobile platform executable. It will reach to a larger customer base in shorter period of time while facilitating your business growth. Having, an app for your business / website would ensure more market reach for you thru increased customer care, customer facilitation, promotion thru word of mouth, pay per ads and it will also help open up other digital marketing avenues. However to ensure that the right potential is being targeted by your mobile app it is necessary to have proper app development and software engineering background because every operating system has its own app development platform/system. App developed by relevant and well qualified experts with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that cater for mobile app optimization as well as mobile marketing can help your business flourish better.


What does Mobile App Development mean?

Mobile app development techniques are used to develop applications (software’s) capable of functioning on hand-held or small screen size devices that have comparatively lesser generalizability as compared to desktop computers like mobile devices, personal digital assistants, tablets and smartphones etc. These apps can be pre-installed by the manufacturers and can also be later on downloaded from webpages and/or app stores. The mobile app development takes into consideration software and hardware aspects that may or may not be specific to the targeted devices.

As app development experts the most essential feature during mobile app creation is the ‘mobile user interface’ (UI). Software developers and experts take special emphasis of the user interface as they consider various aspects including app/business context, app utility, user input facilities (touch, type, drop-down menu’s etc.), user comfort, feedback mechanism, update frequency, software architecture etc. Following are broad or prevalent categories of mobile apps i.e. android and iOS. which are pretty much different from each other because of their features. A few aspects of app development form the point of view of these platforms are presented for consideration:-

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Android App Development.

Android apps are taking over the market and one of the main reasons is the easy to the use and friendly user interface that can be created with this platform making your business accessible and personalized for your targeted clientele. Programming language and being well conversant with user interface are must requisites for android development. With optimization techniques in mind; our professional app developers will facilitate your business though an Integrated Development Environment using Android Studio and Java Development Kit etc. for creating a suitable company domain, appropriate and catchy app layout / architecture and ensuring high search engine ranking.

iOS App Development.

iOS apps are very similar to android apps with however some enhanced and better features. Development techniques are different and so is the user base. Appropriate market survey should be carried out before venturing out for mobile app development. Nevertheless iOS apps have a huge international user base and our professional app developmental experts can help you make your business reach globally. Starting from UI development, coding, data base model and architect creation and concluding with the view controllers; a business compatible and high SEPR app will be developed.