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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has emerged as the top social media website with approximately 1.8 billion daily active users since the last decade who on an average spend around 50 min each day. These statistics of such an exponentially increasing large user base alone are enough to convince any business venture to come on this platform and start advertising their packages. The diversified and universal user base that can be targeted thru Facebook is almost impossible to garner thru conventional Search Engines. Although free Facebook marketing has now considerably reduced however the benefits of online word of mouth marketing, connecting directly and in real-time with your clients is great self-promoting tool with extremely high investment returns.


How to do Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has emerged as a great marketing tool with the exponential rise of its user base. The easy to use and interactive business page development options of Facebook enable businesses to regularly interact with their clients, keep them informed of new products and services, expand their clientele and most importantly by keeping an active online presence they can present themselves as a caring and humane organization. Social media options of linking other domains and services like Instagram, snapchat, google, websites with a Facebook page enable a more holistic business profile. Coupled with interesting pictures, captions, updates, links and posts organizations can give a better and coherent picture about themselves to its key and targeted followers thus benchmarking their brand. The only thing requiring much effort in Facebook advertising is the amount of active online presence that needs to be maintained. On one hand when a user interacts with the person behind the brand it gives the users a feeling of being given importance and they being appreciated however if timely response is not provided or interaction with followers is scarce, it can turn away existing as well as potential followers with the possibility of negative reviews and spreading of unwanted bad publicity.


Making the most with Facebook Marketing

Developing a user-friendly page with SEO can even help rank your Facebook page in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) leading to an even greater online traffic (i.e. Facebook users and non-users both). Furthermore, Facebook facilitates businesses in a variety of ways. Facebook advertising tools allow organizations to promote themselves with minimal online effort on their behalf. Although this is a paid service but the outreach of this justifies the investment. Another option can be to host contests and events thru Facebook or other third-party service providers and resultantly directing followers to your page. One of the most used method is to employ “promoted posts” feature whereby Facebook maximizes the post’s user interaction against a predefined flat rate. Other features include sponsored stories, Facebook open graph, Facebook Ad Creator, FBX Facebook exchange, cross pollination, preferred app developers and gathering of organic traffic thru pinned video posts.

The most catching and inspiring feature of Facebook marketing is the ability it provides businesses to interact and maintain relationships with its followers, both individually as well as by creating a community, giving all this activity a humanly touch and leading consumers to believe in having a meaningful and personalized connection.