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What is Social Media Optimization / Marketing

Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) also aims to generate online traffic across a website by creating options for users to share information with others (organic backlinking) in addition to communication with the brand at a more personal level. SMO strategically enhances user interest in the business thru well written targeted content, interesting videos, informative blogs, eye catching photos and creative infographics. SMO also enables the online users to share the content among their contacts and other online friends which helps spread positive word free of cost.


How SMO helps an organization

In addition to generation of online traffic and snow ball marketing, SMO strategies also counter negative reviews and feedback so that, that negative comments are not the first thing being shown in the search engine page’s. With the increase of social media traffic as compared to conventional digital media (Television, radio etc.), businesses ‘now’ must heavily rely on their social media profiles for generation of traffic. Organizations like ‘The Economist’ and “Northface’ employ SMO expert teams to expertly manage their online posts, infographics, blogs, comments, and followers to generate maximum traffic.


SMO and SEO; Correlation and importance

Generating a SEO based webpage or an SMO based online profile is not enough in itself. Both go hand in hand. Particularly in the latest updates of Google (and other search engines) social media recommendations and links play a pivotal role in generating high rank in the search engine page rankings (SERPs). External Links generated thru Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Google+ result in high quality links for a website and crawlers grade the webpage higher in their indexing databases. Local businesses greatly benefit from SMO, as the location based recommendations generated thru social media websites rank a webpage higher in the local search engine results.

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How you can implement SMO?

There are several methods and techniques used in Social Media Optimization that can be employed which include; enabling data / information sharing form your web page / profile to other online channels through the use of share buttons, social icons, subscription options, creating shareable content (pics, charts, infographics etc.), social logins, creating rich snippets, title tags and images etc., Tagging and bookmarking relatable texts, blogs, photos and pages for benefit of its users, participating and initiating discussion forums, conversations and debates, updating and constantly refreshing your online content to target your audience, connect, help and guide your followers with the latest information regarding your brand, create social media events to bring everyone together and reward inbound links by maintaining qualitative and original content. It is vitally important to develop an effective SMO strategy that is part of the business’s greater marketing vision. Coordinated online efforts linked with the organizational vision are important part of SMO.

SEO is more focused towards the technical architecture of the website and specifically aims to generate higher ranking in the SERP index while on the other hand SMO is more focused towards its users’ experience through the quality of published content, quality networking and generating a positive user experience. SMO in fact helps generate SEO ranks by increasing recommendations, followers and qualitative backlinks. SMO experts can help you focus in the right way on the right platforms to target the right audience thereby increasing you social media impact.