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PPC Account Audit

PPC Account Audit

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    Are you struggling with PPC or Paid Marketing Campaigns?

    There are a loads of issues with Google and Bing ad campaigns when it comes to the performance marketing and it may be tough to recognize if things are working and where to enhance. With a comprehensive audit, you get an expert pair of eyes on what you already have done, but you may get actionable next steps to improve performance.

    Why SEOnumber1?

    We are certified Google ads professionals with 14+ years of experience in drafting, implementing and managing Google ads, FB Ads, Amazon & Bing Ad campaigns.

    We have reviewed 1000+ Paid Marketing accounts & spent about $1Million+ in paid marketing spent and have helped clients improve their ads performance notably worldwide.

    What you will get?

    You will get an in-depth paid ads audit report with screenshots and recommendations based totally on your marketing campaign.

    The audit file will display you the actual insights of the marketing campaign and the way your campaign can be improved.

    We will review:

    • Campaign Structure
    • Campaign Keywords
    • Keywords, Ad Copy, And Landing Page Relevancy
    • Quality Score
    • Ad Extensions
    • Bidding And Bid Adjustment
    • Landing Pages
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Negative Keywords
    • Ad Copy writing

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