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We can create your merchant account and fill the store with your merchandise, after it will be accepted from Google. We can also create a digital marketing campaign primarily based on the one in your store. The campaign will display products on google homepage and buying web page wherein you need to sale.

We can also take advantage of the Google shopping app to connect your ecommerce store to Google merchant and Google ads. We make sure that your products comply with rules and will be ready to serve most of the shopping ads.

What we can do:

  • We can create a data feed for your Google merchant center
  • We can fix issues of your data feed
  • We can integrate your merchant center with your store
  • We can setup Google shopping campaign
  • We can optimize your shopping campaign
  • We can setup a dynamic remarketing campaign
  • We can generate more sales for your ecommerce store
  • We can promote your business digitally
  • We can make sure to reach the right audience
  • We can increase your online sales

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