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With an Exact keyword, your ad will just rank whether the keyword is matched exactly with no extra words so you must select the keywords carefully. Your ad only appears if you’re the current Buy Box winner for this product. Sponsored product ads are usually displayed above or beneath the search results page, in addition to on other product detail pages.

Amazon Sponsored Product ads aren’t as complicated as an AdWords campaign or possibly a Facebook ad.

Now you will need to choose how much you’re ready to spend for each keyword. To begin with, you will be requested to specify how much you’re prepared to spend for each keyword. Keywords in precisely the same Campaign Manager account isn’t going to compete with each other.

The Importance of Amazon PPC Ads

If your merchandise is simply starting out, be aggressive and tweak your ads so you are merely breaking even. Once it is ranking pretty well for its top keywords, you want to gradually lower your bid for your keywords so that your ACoS is profitable. It can stand out. So, if it is successful in doing so, Amazon will try to push your product and provide more impressions which will lead to boost in organic ranking for your product. Next, you will choose which product you want to advertise. You may only choose one particular product for each campaign.

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