What Everyone Else Does When It Comes to Page Size and What You Should Be Doing Different

The Fight Against Page Size

So you want to know about the ideal page size for your site SEO, so this article is going to help you out in figuring out your ideal Page size and your actual page size.

Ideal page size needs to be less than 2MB no matter what. Therefore, the perfect page size ought to be around 1200 pixels. It’s not only about size, however, it’s also about the quantity of requests to acquire the bits. Thus, make sure to reduce the page dimensions and produce a decent user experience to your visitors. The general page size is a significant aspect. It creates a more compact page size which, as time passes, can save costs connected with transfer usage.


How to check your page size:

SEOnumber1 has launched the fastest page size checker which will help you out in getting your page size very quickly,

Let Get Started with Page Size Checker:

Step 1:

You Need to goto http://seo-tools.seonumber1.com/page-size-checker

Page Size Checker - SEOnumber1.com

Step 2:

Write Down Your Domain Name for which you want to check the page size and click on submit.

Page Size Checker - SEOnumber1.com

Step 3:

Now your actual page size will be displayed on screen.

Page Size Checker - SEOnumber1.com


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