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What is SEM / PPC & Google AdWords Marketing?

The primary rather the sole purpose of today’s online business is to approach and become visible to the largest possible audience in as short a time as possible with concise and relevant information so as to generate maximum online traffic and achieve an ever-increasing paying customer-to-visitor ratio for business. Multiple strategies exist to achieve higher ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. including Search Engine Optimizations (SEO). Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and paid advertisements. Some of the most influential non-organic methods of attracting customers are Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google AdWords Marketing techniques.


Some Basic information about “Pay Per Click” and “Google AdWords”

The basic principle behind Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google AdWords is that the advertiser will pay to the advertising agency (in this case Google i.e. the search engine) a small constant fee every time an ‘ad’ is clicked and a user gets redirected to the main organization / business / intended page. Therefore, in essence, it is a means to buy your website visitors by advertising against specific keywords with intent of buying your product or service. For this system to be effective a multitude of factors play a contributing role. The allowable space permitted by Google or some websites is generally very less and the algorithms that decide which ads will be displayed from their ‘ad bank’ depends entirely on your keyword selection, quality of content, amount of online traffic you have and the quality of the landing page etc.


Keywords & Campaigns

Pay per click and Google AdWords have the potential to attract a huge customer base however the opportunity to strike is very less. These ads appear when a user initiates some search using some keywords. Therefore, in order to get prominent and highlighted the selection of keywords will have to be very concise and targeted. In fact, the most important aspect of PPC is keyword research. Relatable, researched, and catchy keywords can result in greater online traffic and higher click-through rates which will also result in lower fees by the advertising agency. Similarly, important is the management of your ad campaigns. To make these costs effective and profitable it is vitally important to constantly review and update your ads, insert latest positive and negative keywords, remove costly keywords, redefine and restructure your ads into ‘Ad Groups’ so as to better target a specific audience.

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Why do you need PPC?

PPC and Google AdWords is a fast and effective method to generate online traffic. It also enables a large customer base to instantly view your business and based on the selection of keywords and quality of landing page it is an instantaneous way to get paying customers. In contrast to organic marketing methods, PPC and Google AdWords enable quicker return on investments however they also require caution. Where organic and White Hat SEO methods can generate higher long-term ranking; they are considerably slow methods and take time to be effective. On the other hand, if effective keyword selection does result in greater traffic, the advertising agency will have to pay more (even if it is junk traffic). This becomes viable only when the content and quality of landing page is so much attractive that it generates increasing customer-to-buyer ratio and overall net profit remains positive. Therefore, a bargain between pros and cons is essentially required

Important Information about PPC: