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Mobile App Optimization & Marketing

With over 1 billion smartphones in use in today’s digitally growing online global-village of a world; the need to access your customers thru their preferred or most widely used medium is a just about common sense of business now. A study revealed that Facebook has emerged as the top social media website with approximately 1.8 billion daily active users since the last decade who on an average spend around 50 min each day. This is a huge marketing opportunity and since everything around the world is gradually getting shifted to personal mobile devices at a high speed, marketing through mobile is emerging as an important need of the hour while also being a relatively easy multi-channel online marketing technique involving a digital marketing strategies.


How does Mobile Marketing work?

Mobile marketing finds its ease as compared to other conventional marketing strategies because of the features of contacting a huge user base in very less time at relatively very low costs through multiple forums like websites, SMS, e-mails, social websites, blogs, online chats / discussions / forums, video marketing and many other mobile applications. Mobile devices are always close to the audience thus ensuring rapid communication by the vendors to their expected clients however this particular aspect is what actually makes mobile marketing extremely difficult too. The opportunity to strike is very less. Keyword optimizations and high search engine page rankings can make a huge difference in success of your mobile marketing campaigns.


How to start with Mobile Marketing.

Every business has only one singular objective; contacting as much customers as possible at minimum possible costs, retain them and thus generate positive revenue flow. Same is to be understood before implementing mobile marketing strategies for your business. This is a fast paced world we live in and to market your products beneficially you have to have relevant, relatable and informative content that has been professionally optimized (SEO) so that it can reach maximum possible clients and can convince them to go to your landing page. From there your business has to have an appropriate mechanism to convince and retain those visitors. The goal should be convert maximum of these visitors into paying customers. Digital marketing techniques like App Store Optimization (ASO), Conversion Rate Optimizations (CRO) and App Store Marketing techniques operating thru various platforms (android, iOS, BlackBerry etc.) are useful tools that your business can utilize to benchmark your offered product.

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Mobile ads

are another important digital marketing technique that can be explored for promoting your business and can act as a substitute for mobile marketing. Mobile ads help in marketing your products efficiently and easily, thus making it a quicker way to reach clientele and makes it easier for the targeted customers to reach your landing websites. Techniques involve custom developed and catchy Push notifications, Image texts, click-to-call ads, click-to-download ads etc.

Mobile marketing has huge flexibility and diversity possible so as to suit almost any business type by efficiently targeting your intended customer base and thus allowing your business to have a stronger impact that will ensure long term profit. The only thing requiring deliberation is ‘how to get involved’. However, professional and well conversant experts are available that can help your business achieve these goals within an ideal time.