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SEO Japan

If you want your website to be noticed by potential clients in Japan, you need Japanese online marketing. We are a Tokyo based SEO company where East meets West. Seonumber1 has a team of bilingual SEO specialists with a proven reputation in both Western and Japanese SEO. Come to our office in Shibuya for a meet and greet with our SEO Tokyo specialists.


SEO Japan specialist Seonumber1 is information driven digital marketing agency that uses top of the line tools, for example, Cognitive SEO, Screaming Frog, SEMrush and our very own bespoke SEO dashboard. With these tools we creep your space, analyze your backlinks, complete a competitor analysis, find internal competition clashes and other technical SEO issues. We use this actionable information to make changes to your website to optimize it for the search engine results and help you break into the Japanese market.


Insights from the significant search engines demonstrate that around 33% of web activity goes to the first unsponsored interface in search engine results. If your site lies fifth in the rundown, you will just get around 5% of activity. What’s more, if your website isn’t on the primary page of search results, less than 1% of movement is likely to come your direction.


Insights like these help to feature the sheer importance of search engine optimization marketing in Japan. The best method to get your page to the highest point of the search engine rankings is to use SEO techniques.


SEO Japan company Seonumber1 uses advanced SEO techniques notwithstanding a personalized way to deal with clients. Therefore our SEO experts are able to help clients draw in the type of attention that they want. We work closely with each client to help to understand the core of each business and that business’ unique needs. This helps to create the best possible SEO service.


Personalized search engine optimization services are exceptionally essential to customers, because they are able to target specific key demographics. These services are exceptionally responsive to change, meaning that once you get to finish everything, you remain to finish everything.


Keyword research


Our native Japanese speaking researchers do extensive keyword analysis to determine the demand that is out there for your items and services to improve your rankings. Finding the correct keywords to target can make or break the success of a website in the Google organic rankings. We integrate our research with the design of your landing pages and the creation of superb content that the two appeals to your users and also the search engines striking the ideal balance between Search Engine Optimization and User Experience.



On-page optimization


SEO Japanagency Seonumber1 optimizes your on-page SEO so Google will completely understand the relevance of your landing pages. Having a great page title and meta description decides whether searchers will click through to your website. Having the correct keyword phrases in your title, headers, alt image attributes and text strenghtens the relevance of your page for the Japanese Google organic rankings.



Back link analysis


Links from other websites are an essential flag to Google. What does your back link profile resemble? Are there any backlinks originating from malicious areas that may hurt your rankings? We complete a complete analysis of your backlinks to see whether your site complies with the Google guidelines. We likewise investigate your competitors and see who is connecting to them as this provides opportunities for our third party referencing campaigns.