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Seonumber1is an end-to-end provider of Chinese digital marketing services. Whether you’re searching for a turnkey managed strategy, an independent audit, or services specific to a transient battle, our experience and approach are sure to prove to be a valuable asset.

Our core competencies include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, internet based life marketing, Chinese copywriting, website performance optimization and Chinese e-commerce marketing


Google Keyword Research


Keyword research is the thing that you ought to do through the whole process of any search marketing effort. A well set-up and managed keyword database helps you find what your customers are actively seeking, so you can respond to their needs with your content, services and items.

The fundamental keyword sources we use include the paid Google keyword research Programming interface, the keywords your competitors are ranking for on Google, and the keywords your competitors are offering on for Google pay-per-click advertising.


Competitor Spotting and Analysis


Discovering competitors for one or two keywords on Google is easy. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about you have 10,000 keywords?


Manually doing it = insanity


Chinese Seonumber1has developed its very own web creeping system named Seonumber1 Crawler. It consequently creeps and parses URLs from search engine result pages and generates a xml/csv/txt file posting all the potential competitors.


Onsite SEO Audit and Optimization


We use Seonumber1 Crawler to slither and analyze your website. We will recognize all the essential issues of the content and the codes, and work with your technical team to settle them, so Google can an improved creep, index and rank your website.

Most importantly, we promise we won’t make your web developers cry.

Content Optimization

Seonumber1 has passionate and creative Chinese writers that make your content sexy in the Chinese way.

We will optimize your Chinese content, making it more appealing to the Chinese audience, as well as friendlier to Google.


Offsite SEO – Ethical Connection Development


Offsite SEO is a game of notoriety and expert. Chinese Seonumber1will help you strategize and implement an ethical connection development battle to enhance your organic rankings.


Google SEO Counseling


Lookers-on see the vast majority of the game. You may have a great in house SEO team yet at times you simply need someone to review the crusade from the outside. Seonumber1 will analyze your website and offer expert advices that make differences.


Google Mobile SEO


Streamlining for mobile has become significant in the era when more and more people begin to navigate the web on smaller screens. Google is China’s No.1 mobile search engine, which you cannot stand to miss. Seonumber1will optimize your website as indicated by Google’s standards and improve the experience and performance crosswise over device.


Google Integrated Marketing


Google has become a large Internet ecosystem and web search isn’t the main Google item that can help your business benefit. With Google integrated marketing, we leverage a number of Google’s items including Google Search, Google Zhidao (Google’s question-and-answer service), Google Wiki (Google Baike) and others, benefitting as much as possible from the leading Chinese search engine.


Google Indexation Improvement


Our SEO experts have rich experience in tackling Google indexation issues. We understand the weaknesses of Google, the web slithering bot of Google, and realize the best method to help Google discover and index your web pages.


Google Penalization Recovery


Google is sensitive about SEO, and a lot of it as a rule leads to penalization. On Google it isn’t rare to see a website loses half of its movement overnight, or have the majority of its pages de-indexed in a few days. When you see this, you realize you are in a bad position.

Seonumber1knows where the line is. We will help you find what the cause of the penalization is, and get your site back to Google’s arms as quickly as time permits.