What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an advertising tactic, using video in an attractive and educational way, used by both small and large companies. Videos can show on your website or the video sharing sites like Youtube and Dailymotion, to display their services and products online to the users. Video marketing is done to improve awareness of company’s service and product they offer. Study show a visual demonstration of a product or service message makes the advertisement or promotional video appear more visually appealing.

Why Video Marketing Is Important

A visual design has a much better chance of making a positive impact on the minds of the viewer with the added advantage of helping the viewers to recall the message for a longer time periods than text. When measured many people admit to being able to recall a video that they had scene as long as 30 days previously.

In addition to the suitability of watching a video over text there are many other benefits that are related with video marketing that can help your business.

SEO Ranking

Today with Google and Bing both including videos in there mixed search results video marketing has become more appreciated to both small and large businesses across the country. This can mean that your videos can get indexed more quickly, with the added benefit of being 50 times more likely of being found at the top of the search results over your website itself.

Videos that have been uploaded to YouTube have even a greater possibility of being found by your prospective customers. This should come as no surprise since its common information that Google owns YouTube a YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web today right behind Google. This means that your videos receive quality backlinks, and the quality of your backlinks that your website receives significantly improves your search engine ranking.

Attract More New Visitors

Video marketing has proven itself to appeal a lot of new visitors both to your site and your social network pages with the added advantage of improving your online marking efforts. Today there’s no scarcity of video sharing sites to upload your videos to, like YouTube and Dailymotion. The best thing about all this is it is free to share your videos on most of the sites.

Connect with Your User

After someone watches your videos they form a linking with your brand, and people wish doing business with brands they know and trust. Video marketing can build that bridge between you and your vision and can help build trust in the process.

Is Video Marketing Good

Results Come In Immediate

The amount of a successful marketing campaign lies in the number of feedback and sales it sees. Brands can track the behavior of its on a minute to minute basis, down to the location of the viewers. Of course, online platforms also encourage consumer engagement, which provides brands with real-time feedback in which they can take action on immediately.

Video is simple

Which would you rather do – read a 30-page instruction manual or watch a 3-minute video? Complex processes are easier to demonstrate than they are to explain.

Video is memorable

Correctly created, a video will be easily recalled at a later date. But here’s the big warning to that: if you’re not careful, people will remember the video but forget the product or service it promoted. How often have you seen a great commercial, and perhaps even told someone else about it… but been unable to remember who the advertiser was?

Is Video Marketing Bad

You can’t force viewership

Well, if someone has already seen it once, odds are they wouldn’t want to watch it again, except that is your ad is so remarkably creative and interesting that viewers will loop that 3-15 minutes 47 times every day. The only thing you can hope for is sharing. And admit it, you all love that “Skip ad” option and get sort of annoyed when you have to wait 5 seconds to do so.

Wrong slot

Online video can be placed in the wrong slot, wrong time. For example, a working professional is not going to be browsing through the web at peak working hours; likewise, students when school is in session. Booking the right slot is probably more elusive than a solving a mystery murder case.

There’s not enough data to justify

There is no proper quantity for reach. The web’s reach is rather massive, but that massiveness also means limited information on viewers and, ultimately, consumers. There is no way of tracing the efficiency of online video to profit.