What is PPC?

Search engines like Bing Or Google allows businessman or individuals to buy place in their search results. These places or listings appear along with the other non-paid or organic search results on search engine but the difference is that, these are at the top on search results.

You can buy these ads by biding; these ads are sold in auctions. Bid the most and you may have chance of ranking number 1 in the supported results.

Is PPC Good

Pay per click ads can create a well traffic right away. It’s easy, spend some and get a rank #1 position on search engine and potential customer will see first. If users are looking for the Key words on which bid, you will get clicks the time your ad is activated.

PPC ads are fast way to get traffic with some systems, such as Google Adwords, you get traffic after few minutes of opening an account.

PPC is also nimble, where the other natural marketing take weeks or months for making you rank in search engines or changing user behavior, you can just adjust most pay campaigns in hours or days.

Is PPC Bad

Some times PPC advertising can cost a fortune. You can get caught up in the bidding war easily on a specific keyword and you end up spending more than your return.

Sometimes people of higher management like CEO/marketer or someone who decides they must be number one no matter what its cost, they will spend thousands of dollars to be Number One, these type of bidding become Ego Based bidding, where they will do anything to become Number One. Also, bid inflation consistently raises the per-click cost for highly-searched phrases.

This inflation is caused by ego-based bidding and by the search engines themselves, United Nations agency impose quality restrictions on several keywords. These quality restrictions increase the price per click even though nobody else is bidding.

Finally, pay per click advertising doesn’t scale. If you get a lot of traffic, you pay more cash in nearly direct proportion thereto traffic – your value per click stays constant, and your overall value will increase. Compare that to search engine optimization, wherever you invest a hard and fast quantity of your time and/or cash to realize an improved rank, and your value per click goes down as you draw a lot of traffic.

Why PPC is Important

Pay per click advertising is most profitable and marketing channels.PPC is the most important for online business success and a necessary part of digital marketing.

Businessman of today’s market  wants a quick result of his business and want his business on top of the search result in digital marketing. SEO take time to rank you in first page of the search engine.

This is where PPC comes in. Through PPC you can get a kick start of your site as soon as your campaign starts, the best things about PPC are;

  • Cost effective
  • Key word based
  • Immediate traffic

Many people think that PPC is expensive and it’s their mistake of not trying it. If you get success from it, it will pay for itself, it is more cost effective then SEO, SEO take time to get your return of investment, where PPC get you immediate response. You start getting traffic with in no time, which saves your time.

PPC could be a little bit of a puzzle to try and do properly although. you’ve got to work out a budget per day, what keywords you wish to use, and what’s the most effective thanks to optimize your budget. I recommend you begin can a little budget and analyze it on a daily basis to work out what’s most successful for you.