What is App Marketing?

App is an abbreviated kind of the word “application.” An application could be a package program that is designed to perform a selected performs directly for the user or, in some cases, for one more computer program.

Mobile has modified the landscape of consumerism in an exceedingly few short years by turning into our favorite tool for reading the news, observance TV, human activity, socialization, shopping, creating choices, navigating…for around everything!

As a marketer, mobile is a very powerful place for you to attach along with your audience. Currently, the App Store has around 1 million apps, and it adds about 20,000 apps per month. In total, there have been over 50 billion app downloads. The Google Play Store has over 1 million apps, and there have been over 50 billion downloads. So, it’s a big market with a large user base for both iOS and Android.

The Key Factors of App Marketing

App Title

Your App Title tells the user during a few seconds what your app do. This is often the foremost necessary piece of app marketing if a user cannot tell what your app do by reading your title, they’re going to pass on. You’re given 255 characters for your app’s title. Use the area provided to obviously describe to the user what it will.

App Keywords

You are only allowed a hundred characters. Choosing the simplest keywords needs understanding your market, your competitors and widespread search phrases. These all change seasonally and staying on top of the keyword selection for an app is a full time job. We have a tendency to use proprietary knowledge from within the App Store to assist choose keywords. Do not use keywords that square measure too generic or too long. What would the common user sort in? Keyword planners square measure nice tools – however bear in mind they use knowledge from Google net Search and not App Store Search. We have a tendency to incorporate real knowledge from within the App Store in our method.

App Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and Ratings are critical to App marketing. If your app has correct on-page marketing, we estimate that 30% or more of your search ranking is based on this factor alone.

App Description

Getting a user to look at your description is like obtaining a user to go to your web site. At now users are curious and are considering if they ought to transfer your app. this can be a key improvement issue. You’ll have to be compelled to use this space to sell your app on all its nice options and set the right expectations for what the user is downloading. Short-selling yourself is unhealthy, however overselling yourself can cause users to be sad which could communicate unhealthy reviews. Use your app description to obviously describe what your app do.

App Logo

You will have about 3-5 seconds to capture a user’s interest as they look through the list of apps that they are looking for.  Make sure you efficiently and artistically express what your app does via your app icon.  This is very important and should have lots of thought behind it.

App Publisher Name

Users will search by App Publisher name via the App Store. You’ll be able to use this to incorporate keywords tied to the sort of Apps you’re making. One thing you may contemplate is commercial enterprise beneath many trade names of your company that matches the various forms of apps you’re developing.

App Category

Choosing both the Primary and Secondary Category for your app is a vast decision and dangerous to the success of your app.  The right category will get you in front of competent customers – while the wrong category will result in dull for your app.