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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Simply put Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of increasing the organic (i.e. unpaid) online visibility and therefore traffic to a webpage or website by achieving higher rankings in the search engines maybe it be Google, Yahoo, Bing or for that matter any other search engine. SEO tries to identify prominent search words and phrases being utilized by users that are specific to the websites content, tries to identify the algorithms being employed by the widely used search engines, strategically places those keywords and phrases onto the important pages that need to be ranked (higher then its competitors) and finally and most importantly tries to establish links ‘from’ other webpages. The ‘links’ act as recommendations for your webpage. Better quality and greater the number of links you have will translate into higher rankings in the search engines index.


Why SEO?

Although for most of the internet users the concept behind search engine indexing and cataloging does not hold much interest however, for webpage owners, online businesses and online marketers, SEO becomes all the more important considering today’s competitive edge. While social media and other forms of campaigning techniques do play a part in traffic generation; Great majority of the online users are directed to different websites by various search engines. Search engine rankings play one of the most important roles in generating traffic to a webpage especially for online consultation and shopping websites and are considered by many as the make or break element in a business’s success. Search engines employ multiple algorithms and techniques to evaluate all the online content and are repeatedly updated to latest parameters, but they still have limitations. SEO experts aim towards attracting these search engines algorithms to favorably boost the websites ranking, therefore attracting multitudes of, yet targeted, online visitors leading to increased revenue generation, benchmarking of product and exponential client exposure.

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How SEO works:

In addition to word placement, HTML script restructuring, content analysis and other promotional activities the most important SEO activity is generation of links. Links are generated by promoting the site to attract other webpages towards your page, by generating internal links to increase the quantity of inbound links for an important page thru cross linking, using prominent keywords, regularly updating page content to attract ‘crawlers’ and by maintaining an updated meta data. Backlinks and inbound links are the two variants where former is a kind of reference to some other webpage while later is a reference form some other page to your page. Among other factors, the quantity and quality of these links are an important factor considered during ‘PageRank(ing)’ by search engine’s algorithms. No doubt the quality and relevance of content, structure of headings, webpage layout, keyword selection, word structing all play an important part in attracting and retaining visitors, however web ‘crawlers’ and ‘spiders’ during their webpage analysis critically evaluate these links to accordingly establish the ranking of a webpage search engines indexing system.

In addition to the above briefly mentioned methods, many SEO techniques and tools exist that can be either be self-taught and employed or can be professionally contracted. SEO plays a key role in highlighting the online profile of an organization which can actually translate into greater revenue generation and product promotion making SEO investment a justified endeavor.


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