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December 10, 2017

Conventional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Channels

Conventional marketing channels include print media including newspapers and magazines, flyers, television commercials, radio broadcasts, billboards, direct mail and telemarketing whereas Digital marketing Channels include websites, social media platforms, text messages, content marketing, banner and Google […]
December 10, 2017

I already have a Website or FB page but do I need to update my Website & Content?

Search Engines use web crawlers and spiders to deeply scan all contents of a website including interconnected pages, keywords, content, links and all other associated web-architectural information. This information is stored in the search engine database […]
December 10, 2017

How important are quality backlinks for my website?

Initially the algorithms of Search engines evaluated mainly the number of keywords placed in the content and Page rankings largely depended on that. However, this led to many spam activities and uninformative disjointed content leading to […]
December 10, 2017

What is a Backlink?

Search engine crawlers evaluate the PageRank largely based on the type of links a website has (among other factors). Links are generated by promoting your website so as to attract other webpages towards your page or […]
December 10, 2017

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Squidoo, Blogger, Linkedin, Pinterest, or Instagram, etc. have emerged as the largest online platform for billions of daily worldwide users. Social Media Marketing targets these users by approaching them […]
December 10, 2017

What is an SEO Audit?

In simple words, an SEO audit evaluates the search engine friendliness of a website. An SEO audit can check for problems in a website that are preventing it from achieving higher rankings in the Search Engine […]
December 10, 2017

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the art of increasing organic (unpaid) online traffic to webpage or any online presence (social media, mobile apps etc.) by achieving higher rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Google, […]
December 4, 2017

Websites, which rank on 1st page of Search Engine & Social Media get the most business.

It is a matter of simple question: How often do you go past page-1 of Google when searching for anything? The answer would be very few times, if at all any. The same holds true for […]
December 4, 2017

Beginning of a Digital Era & Changes in Business Marketing Channels

  Digital era has foreshadowed a new age for everyone. Advertising is not only for the big companies with huge budgets; it’s for everyone. Customers research everything before they actually purchase and if you can reach […]
December 3, 2017

How long will it take me to rank my site?

Honestly speaking; ‘it depends’. Search Engine algorithms are complex grading and evaluation systems and getting ranked higher in the Search Engine Results Page takes time depending on a lot of factors some of which include the […]